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PathCheck Foundation celebrates two years of nonprofit leadership in open source technology


People of PathCheck: Emma Mohammed

One word describes this volunteers experience at PathCheck: Architect

People of PathCheck: Imane Chafi

Project Management, Software Engineering, and Architecture - How they all came together at PathCheck for Imane Chafi

PathCheck's Take: Ten ways to spend President Biden's $81.7B proposal to prepare for future pandemics

Last Monday, President Biden sent a new budget request to Congress that included proposed spending of $81.7B over the next five years to prepare for future pandemics. Funding for future pandemics is critical. We are remiss if we do not take this...

How Citizen Engagement could have curbed the Covid-19 Pandemic

Hitting the two year mark of the COVID-19 pandemic this month has launched much discussion and reflection. From opinion pieces discussing what could have been done better by governments and public health institutions, to furthering steps that could...

World Health Organization selects PathCheck Foundation as partner in Digital Documentation of COVID-19 Efforts

The World Health Organization (WHO) has selected the PathCheck Foundation to support its effort to ease the process for its member states to implement digital vaccination certification. In August of 2021, WHO proposed Digital Documentation of...

PathCheck: Filling missing pieces for (future) pandemic response

‘Waze’ App for the Pandemic Journey This is an edited transcript of the TEDxMIT Talk by PathCheck Foundation Chairman & Founder, Ramesh Raskar, Ph.D. The original video presentation can be viewed here: Waze for our Pandemic Journey | Ramesh Raskar |...

Minnesota Launches COVIDaware MN Built by PathCheck Foundation

We’re very excited to announce that Minnesota has launched their COVIDaware MN exposure notification app on iOs and Android. The app was built by the PathCheck team working with Minnesota using our open source software. 

Canadian Innovation Ecosystem is Now Represented in PathCheck Community

Right from the start, the Montreal innovation ecosystem mobilized and organized itself around different initiatives that would seek to use technology to assist with the worldwide threat that the COVID-19 pandemic represented. Like in most other...

PathCheck Foundation Designed, Built and Tested Guam Covid Alert Mobile App

Back in May Guam had an initial spread of the COVID-19 virus. . Early August the territory  is now in a second wave, and a stay at home order was put into place. This second wave has been devastating with now over 19 deaths and 1700 cases. Guam...