PathCheck Foundation organized around community of more than 2,400 professional volunteers from around the world who collaborate to pursue the PathCheck mission. We also have a core paid staff of professionals. The PathCheck community is an incredibly talented and diverse group of professionals. The community lives primarily in the PathCheck Slack workspace, and it's organized around each of the PathCheck programs

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Open Source

We have an active open source software community contributing to PathCheck projects. We welcome developers, designers, product managers, test engineers, SREs, and others to contribute to the work.



Whether you can give a few hours a week, full time for a month, or more, we welcome volunteers who want to contribute their time and talent. In addition to general volunteering, we have many specific volunteer roles that we’re trying to fill.


From day one, PathCheck has worked closely with companies and schools willing to donate employee time to the effort. If you have employees who can contribute to helping to stop COVID-19 and reopen the economy, we’d love to work with you.