Fight Covid-19 with a Digital Pandemic Response

The PathCheck solution empowers you and your community with a complete digital pandemic response that complements your other programs. Proven innovative impact.

The PathCheck open source solution
is rolling out around the world.


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“While we know the effectiveness of contact tracing, when done manually it can be a time-consuming process for our public health officials. The Guam COVID Alert app digitizes contact tracing efforts and empowers each of us to stop the spread of the virus and save lives.”

Lou Leon Guerrero • Guam Governor


Exposure Notifications and More

A mobile app can engage the community on every aspect of your pandemic response. Accelerate the end of Covid-19. Go live fast with a PathCheck solution configured to your exact needs.


Exposure Notifications

Full support for Google Apple Exposure Notification.


Quick Customization

Easily change languages, graphics, and content.


Symptom Checking

Empower users to track symptoms.


Trusted Information

Deliver trusted news and information.


Self-Quarantine Support

Help exposed users self-quarantine.


System Integration

Integrate case management for a seamless rollout.

A robust roadmap of free new features coming soon...

Why PathCheck

Founded at MIT, PathCheck Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to providing
robust digital solutions to contain COVID-19 and revitalize economies,
while preserving privacy. We're driven by mission, not profit.


Go live in less than a week.

Continuous Innovation

Covid-19 doesn’t sleep and neither do we.

Zero Lock-In

The most active open source EN project.

Partner Supported

Backed by a growing network of solution providers.

Advanced Privacy

The most sophisticated privacy protection.

Deep Expertise

Scientific, technology, and health experts.



Great interface, easy to use

Glad this came out, was easy to install and use.


Terrific user interface

Clean, easy to follow, I hope everyone gets an app like this.


Clear, simple, helpful

This app is simple, intuitive,
and helps contain COVID.

Low-Risk, High-Speed Rollouts

We are here for you.