About Us

We believe all individuals, no matter their background, geographical location or race deserve to participate in, and benefit from, public health solutions.

Our free, open source software harnesses the tremendous computational power of smartphones to influence our lives. With over 260 million smartphone users in the United States alone and over 3 billion users worldwide, is it imperative that we demonstrate that smartphones can play a positive role when responding to public health crises. With our technology, we hope to change reactionary health policies by providing digital tools that assist policymakers, public health officials, and health system agents to respond faster and support vulnerable populations around the globe.

PathCheck’s “NoPeek” privacy mobile applications were developed for exposure notifications, contact tracing, and vaccine verification. These free, personalized, open source tools and mobile applications can capture crowdsourced health information, analyze data for public/precision health, and engage citizens via personalized recommendations based on data obtained within the application. All of which, of course, takes place on a smartphone. 

Our Why

Because waiting for the next pandemic is not an option.

In a world of rapid medical and technical advances, applied research is not being implemented fast enough to improve public health and the unmet needs of underserved communities by the for-profit sector.


Furthermore, the healthcare industry is now littered with applications that were designed to send exposure notifications, track symptoms and ease the burden of contact tracing. Many of these applications are being decommissioned or forgotten as reactionary tools imposed upon the public explicitly for COVID-19.

Despite lessons learned, corporate memory between each health crises is lost with every change of leadership and proactive measures are quickly abandoned once a crisis has ended. Even in well-funded agencies, most public health staff are not trained in the latest technologies and tools available to them, which creates gaps in knowledge that contributes to the reactionary deployment of innovations that could have otherwise been in place ahead of time to prevent a health crisis.



The PathCheck Foundation will ensure that lessons learned from COVID-19 are applied and that information is not lost between pandemics. We will continue building robust, trustworthy, everyday systems that can be scaled quickly to provide reliable public health data. 

Our Team

PathCheck Foundation was founded at MIT in March 2020, by Ramesh Raskar, Ph.D. and a passionate team of social entrepreneurs in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Leadership Team

Ramesh Raskar

Founder, Chairman & Chief Scientist

Graham Dodge


Vitor Pamplona

Chief Technology Officer

Bethany LoMonaco

Director of Strategy and Development

Thomas C. Kingsley

Chief Epidemiologist and Chief Health Officer

Barsha Devi

Project Manager

Khahlil Louisy

President, PathCheck Institute for Technology and Global Health

Bouchra Nasri

Chair, PathCheck Data Informatics Center for Epidemiology

Imane Chafi

Karuna Project Manager

Board of Directors

Ramesh Raskar, Founder & Chairman; Associate Director, MIT Media Lab 

Vinit Nijhawan, Managing Director, MassVentures

Kristen Valdes, Founder and CEO, b.well

John Werner, Founding Board Member; Managing Director and Partner, Link Ventures