Our Technology


What makes PathCheck’s open source solutions innovative is our focus on privacy, telemetry and crowdsourcing

Crowdsourced citizen data can complement and connect
incomplete and fragmented data that cripples health crises responses. But,
large-scale participation requires citizens’ trust and engagement. We solve this
with a unique “NoPeek” privacy and personalization delivered with a free,
open-source toolkit for large organizations and governments.

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We don't build apps soley focused on just UI/UX. The PathCheck Foundation has built a mechanism for organizations to launch digital solutions (sometimes within days) that guarantees users are leveraging a solution that is well tested and proven for privacy, security, and quality. We provide the modular tech stack for NoPeek privacy, crowdsourced data analytics and models.



What We Do


Exposure Notification (EN) Software


Universal Verifier Software


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