Paper-first Vaccination Solutions

An equitable, efficient, open source and privacy preserving protocol by MIT.


Vaccination Cards


A simple, end-to-end journey:

    • Distribute Coupon
    • Schedule Visit
    • 2 Dose Reminders
      Check-in Patient
    • Print Proof of Vaccination
    • Report Health Status

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A History of Firsts

Taking a unique approach of thinking paper-first,
the PathCheck Foundation built a framework around
the off-line transfer of Verifiable Credentials.

Signed QR-Code Passport

The first paper-based vaccine credential health passport released.

Credentials Portal

Never lose your keys, organize your team, deploy vaccination programs.

Trifold Paper Card

Selectively disclose tamper-proof credentials in a familiar design.

Boost 19 App

A user application to help manage the entire Vaccination user journey, from eligibility to symptom tracking.

Paper Cred Specification

An open, minimum, streamlined protocol for many types of Verifiable Credentials formatted in QR Codes

Check-in App

Offering business the opportunity to read and verify QR Code Vaccine Credentials offline.

Public Dashboards

Public health portal to track vaccination deployments locally and globally and make better decisions. 

Vaccinator App

Optimize patient check-ins and check-outs in the field and automate data capture.

Low-Risk, High-Speed Rollouts

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