PathCheck Foundation Partners in the Release AlohaSafe Contact Tracing App

In an effort between PathCheck, AlohaSafe, and the Hawaii State Department of Health, we are excited to announce the AlohaSafe Alert mobile contact tracing app. The app can be downloaded on both IOS and Android phones.

COVID Defense LA & PathCheck Launch Their New Contact Tracing App

In a collaborative effort with COVIDDefense and the Louisiana State Health Department, we were able to launch COVID Defense LA, a mobile contact tracing app that is changing how contact tracing is done in Louisiana.

The Challenges of Equitable Vaccine Distribution

As COVID-19 has spread across every single country on our planet, governments around the world are initiating vaccine distribution and monitoring, and setting comprehensive standards in order to avoid major roadblocks along the way.

Augmenting Paper-Based Vaccination Cards With Printed Codes

Source At the time that this post is being written, 2.4 million individuals have died from COVID-19, with another 109 million currently infected due to a lack of effective curative or fully preventative measures. After battling the chaos of...

Into the Future: PathCheck Foundation Accomplishments in 2020 and Plans for 2021

2020 brought the world a deadly pandemic that continues to ravage communities in every country. PathCheck Foundation was born out of that crisis. In the face of the challenges, as a nascent organization, the PathCheck community accomplished a wide...

Vaccination Passport Comparison

In 2021, the COVID-19 Vaccine Passport will become the most important travel document. A globally-acceptable digital Vaccine Passport could be the key to countries reopening borders around the world — soon, vaccine passports could become the de...

Encrypted Vaccination Cards and Digital Solutions for the Vaccine Rollout — An Overview

On January 19th, the Trusted Pandemic Technologies group from the MIT Media Lab conducted a webinar discussing strategies and solutions for distributing vaccines in an ethical and equitable manner in the United States. The proposed solutions...

Minnesota Launches COVIDaware MN Built by PathCheck Foundation

We’re very excited to announce that Minnesota has launched their COVIDaware MN exposure notification app on iOs and Android. The app was built by the PathCheck team working with Minnesota using our open source software. 

The Canadian Innovation Ecosystem is Now Well-represented in the PathCheck Community

Right from the start, the Montreal innovation ecosystem mobilized and organized itself around different initiatives that would seek to use technology to assist with the worldwide threat that the COVID-19 pandemic represented. Like in most other...

PathCheck Foundation Designed, Built and Tested Guam Covid Alert Mobile App

Back in May Guam had an initial spread of the COVID-19 virus. . Early August the territory  is now in a second wave, and a stay at home order was put into place. This second wave has been devastating with now over 19 deaths and 1700 cases. Guam...