Nosh: Nostr and Sharing Health Data

Today, if you want to share your electronic medical records (EMRs) with different doctors or healthcare systems, either domestically or internationally, you have to log in to a portal, download your data and then send it to them either through...

The EMR Revolution will not be Televised

  The development of Digital Identification Documents (DIDs) under WHO SMART Guidelines are quietly ushering in a sea change for how Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) are stored and accessed.  Building upon HL7’s Fast Healthcare Interoperability...

Healthcare CEO Joins PathCheck’s Board of Directors

  PathCheck Foundation announces the election of Kristen Valdes, Founder and CEO of b.well Connected Health to its Board of Directors.

PathCheck Foundation Announces Creation of New flagship Mobile Application

  PathCheck Foundation is pleased to announce the development of its new flagship application to support novel disease surveillance.

Reimagining Exposure Notifications Apps for Broader Public Engagement

  PathCheck Foundation has been hard at work developing an open framework again for not only exposure notifications that can be used for more than just COVID-19, but also for crowdsourcing syndromic surveillance in general.

So, what exactly is “NoPeek” Privacy?


The Promise of Digital Health: Then, Now, and the Future

Revolutionary advances in digital health are transforming health, medicine, and biomedical science. Technological developments such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, digitally mediated diagnostics and treatment,...

Early Detection of Health Crises


A call for citizen science in pandemic preparedness and response: beyond data collection - [Paper Summary]

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The Global Health Innovators Seminar #19 - Dr. Michiel Niesen (Nference)

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