Fighting the India Spike 


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A decentralized approach to Predicting, Modelling and Allocating Resources effectively

Pandemic response becomes uncoordinated when there are gaps in understanding and monitoring. In a pandemic, data is one of the most important tools for policymakers, public health officials, and health system agents to prepare, predict, alert and respond.

Pandemic planning with poor data leads to inefficiencies, lives lost, and socio-economic costs.

Our goal is to use multiple data sources; from citizens using crowdsourcing, digital technology companies using indirect aggregate consumer data and public health experts advice via surveys.

The Karuna Project

The Initiative

Hospitals, Doctors and Global Citizens collaborate in this community effort 

PathCheck is collaborating with volunteers from around the globe to provide a new streamlined analysis on public health analysis.

Crowdsourcing using integrated surveys, trackers with real-time positioning of hospital resources available and communications channels are provided for a reliable optimization of resource allocation. 

  • Crowdsourcing patient recovery and treatment plan in a privacy-preserving manner for covid19 recovered patients.
  • Have access to hospitals' integrated oxygen and inventory mapping
  • Early detection and Risk stratification
  • Variant tracker and super spreader tracking of the new variant
  • Ending Misinformation about Covid19
  • Modelling, prediction and analysis of Covid19 cases




Secure, Anonymous and Privacy-centered 


Apps to streamline resource allocation


Predict COVID-19 spikes in designated regions

PathCheck - India response with data, software and crowdsourcing

The Team

A Team of dedicated volunteers from backgrounds ranging between medical, engineering, communications and more

Tele-consult for Rural Doctors and Nurses

Swami Iyer

Professor in Medicine

Priya Ramaswamy MD

Clinical Informatics, Fellow/Anesthesiologist


Crowdsourcing App and Websites for Filling the Information Gap

Imane Chafi

Project Manager

Software Engineering McGill Univertisy

Antonio Fernandez Anta

Coronasurveys Project Head

Anirban Kundu

Surveys Research Lead

Shreyasvi Natraj

Surveys Development Lead

Amudha Ravi Shankar

Researcher at Citizen Cyberlab

Akash Talole

Surveys Research Lead

Mental Health Initiative

Harshita Umesh

Mental Health Team Lead


Sourabh Sundaresh

House Surgeon

Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute

Kshitij Patil

UI\UX Design Researcher


Ullas R Bhat

UI\UX Design Researcher


Imane Chafi

Project Advisor and Manager


Addressing Mis-information Team

Agrima Seth

Ph.D. student, School of Information

University of Michigan

Krishnendu Dasgupta


Ayush Chopra

Research and Development

Graduate Student at MIT Media Lab

Venkat Arun

PhD Student


Symptom Surveys and Prediction Team

Christin Glorioso

Project Lead

Founder at

Nina Reščič

Research Scientist


Govind Jeevan




Dr. Ramesh Raskar

Founder, Chairman & Chief Scientist


Paul Baier



Vitor Pamplona



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Projects ranging from indirect testing, prediction analysis and resource optimization with innovative technology