Our Transition to a new President

I am writing to share the news that I have formally transitioned from my role as President of the PathCheck Foundation. I had the pleasure of taking over the role from Adam Berrey who has beautifully captured the first three phases of the organization and the movement.

During my time with the organization, I have been so impressed and energized by the exciting work happening and the commitment of its volunteers and partners to our mission.

At PathCheck, our goal is to fill the gaps in public health knowledge by crowdsourcing data from citizens to improve pandemic responses. How can we achieve crowdsourcing, privacy, and personalized engagement in a pandemic? And how can we simultaneously provide planning tools for public health by making citizen data available in real-time? PathCheck continues to blaze in these important challenges.

I have so enjoyed working with such a talented and diverse group of individuals and I will continue to support PathCheck as a champion on the outside. The organization is currently seeking a new Executive Director (please share with your networks and recommend anyone that you think could be a good fit). Until we have the new ED in place, Vitor Pamplona (current CTO) and Emily Cochran (current Director of Finance and Operations) will be stepping in to manage the Office of the President and the work required to keep the organization going.

Thank you again for everything and I am wishing the organization the best in its important mission.

Paul Baier