About Us


PathCheck Foundation was founded at MIT in March 2020, by Ramesh Raskar, PhD and a small, passionate team of social entrepreneurs. In the first month, the volunteer community grew to more than 1,000 people and shaped the world’s understanding of how digital contract tracing could help stop the pandemic without sacrificing individual privacy. PathCheck rapidly evolved into a unique, nonprofit with hundreds of professionals.   PathCheck is supported by the generosity of several private donors


Help save millions of lives


A material increase in the rapid application and deployment of digital health solutions (open source software and analytics) in response to fast moving pathogens


In a world of rapid medical and technical advances, applied research is not being implemented fast enough to improve public health and many needs are unmet by the for-profit sector, especially for underserved communities


PathCheck programs create open source software and advanced data analytics and insights using a small staff and focused volunteer teams from around the world.  Examples include 

  • Exposure notification applications used by 5 million citizens in  5 US States and territories  
  • Innovation and rapid prototype to advance industry discussion in areas of paper and digital vac credentials and verifiers, and Covid data analytics and prediction.


We are organized into a set of semi-autonomous programs staffed by a mix of professional volunteers, partners, collaborators, contractors, and employees. PathCheck provides a platform for social entrepreneurs to innovate, create, and deliver while supporting each other.  We operate quickly to address the most pressing issues today and take a long-view building toward a better future. We release most of our work for free through open source or creative commons licenses. We are funded through grants, charitable contributions, and revenue from technical services to support open source software or data analytics.


PathCheck is first and foremost a community. There are more than 3,000 people in our Slack community and dozens of partners in our Alliance. Every week, hundreds of professionals from around the world donate their time, energy, and talent to drive forward the PathCheck mission. Our community is supported by paid staff and contractors. Meet the team.

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