Founded at MIT, PathCheck Foundation is 501(c)3 charitable organization dedicated to creating healthy and resilient communities by containing the pandemic, revitalizing the economy, and preserving the privacy of individual citizens. Our team is a mix of full-time leaders from technology and health, full-time engineers, and dedicated professional volunteers. PathCheck is enabled by an Alliance of public and private organizations working together to contain the pandemic and transform public health.


Our vision is to build a new generation of digital solutions for public health. The response to the pandemic is driving mass adoption of a foundational public health technology platform that includes mobile touch points on every smartphone in the world. We believe the technology platform that comes into place to contain COVID-19 with exposure notification, case management, epidemiological information collection, and citizen communication can be advanced over time to address a wide range of other needs after the pandemic is contained.


Our plan is to build on the technology, programs, and standards we’re developing today for pandemic response to create a global system for public health that is open, interoperable, and privacy preserving. The future of digital public health will include a wide array of mobile apps, sensors, technologies, data streams, and AI. All deployed in ways that protect the privacy and liberty of individuals by design. These capabilities will be used in the future to prevent new pandemics, deliver public health interventions for a wide range of health issues, and enable the development of new diagnostics and treatments that result in a healthier world.


COVID-19 will forever change the role of public health. Population scale health strategies will become the norm for the public and private sectors as we move from simply treating individuals to helping entire communities stay healthy and strong. PathCheck will sit at the nexus of this transition by integrating technology with public health programs and driving innovation for a better world. PathCheck will be the global leader in advancing public health with technology. 

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Many companies are donating goods and services to PathCheck Foundation, which makes our work possible. We’re grateful for this support. Some of our supporters include: 

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