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PathCheck Foundation is a global nonprofit dedicated to creating healthy and resilient communities by protecting public health, containing pandemics, and strengthening economies, while preserving individual privacy through privacy preserving innovation and research at the intersection of technology and public health. 


We are working toward a world where everyone can contribute to the health and resilience of their communities through empowering technologies and programs that enable collaboration between individuals, government, and organizations. 


Thoughtful public health technology and policy makes everyone healthier and safer. 


PathCheck programs create open source software, standards, protocols, research, analysis, and policy through broad collaboration with stakeholders worldwide. We work at the intersection of technology and public health with a special focus on strategies that empower people to work together to protect their communities. Examples of our work include: 


  • The GAEN Mobile open source solution that powers exposure notification in states and countries around the world, including Minnesota, Hawaii, Guam, Cyprus, Louisiana, and Alabama. 
  • The Boost-19 vaccination protocol and app that enables the rapid, reliable distribution of vaccinations, and monitoring of outcomes with app and paper-based solutions at scale. 
  • Our research and analysis has resulted in more than a dozen papers on a wide range of pressing policy and strategy issues for public public health.
  • Our events have convened and connected thought leaders and implementers across the technology, health, and public health communities.


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We are organized into a set of semi-autonomous programs staffed by a mix of professional volunteers, partners, collaborators, contractors, and employees. PathCheck provides a platform for social entrepreneurs to innovate, create, and deliver while supporting each other. We run fast to address the most pressing issues today and take a long-view building toward a better future. We release most of our work for free through open source or creative commons licenses. We are funded through grants, charitable contributions, and revenue from services we provide to jurisdictions and organizations deploying our technologies.


PathCheck is first and foremost a community. There are more than 2,400 people in our Slack community and dozens of partners in our Alliance. Every week, hundreds of professionals from around the world donate their time, energy, and talent to drive forward the PathCheck mission. Our community is supported by paid staff and contractors. Meet the team.


PathCheck Foundation was founded at MIT in March 2020, by Ramesh Raskar, PhD and a small, passionate team of social entrepreneurs. In the first month, the volunteer community grew to more than 1,000 people and shaped the world’s understanding of how digital contract tracing could help stop the pandemic without sacrificing individual privacy. PathCheck rapidly evolved into a unique, non-stock software company with hundreds of professionals building groundbreaking products for digital contact tracing, exposure notification, and vaccine administration. Now, PathCheck has multiple programs at the intersection of technology, public health, and pandemic response. Learn more about our accomplishments and impact on the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Many companies are donating goods and services to PathCheck Foundation, which makes our work possible. We’re grateful for this support. Some of our supporters include: 

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