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Founded at MIT, PathCheck Foundation is a non-profit organization building free, privacy-preserving, open source software and standards to harness computational power that supports the faster and more efficient response to pandemics.


What We Do

Global health crises occur every 5-10 years, often emerging in communities with the most health disparities who are underserved by public health agencies. As a result, health policies are reactionary - placing policy into effect well after the viral life cycle has begun; Digital tools can change this. Learn More


Our Technology

PathCheck's free, privacy-preserving, open source software and standards assist policymakers, public health officials, and health systems agents respond faster to support vulnerable populations. Our “NoPeek” privacy mobile application for citizen engagement is an open source universal verification system developed for exposure notifications, contact tracing, and vaccine verification. Learn More

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Welcoming New DICE Chair, Dr. Bouchra Nasri

By PathCheck Team  On May 8, 2023
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