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April 2020
Sat Sat 18

Introduction to COVID Safe Paths (now known as PathCheck Foundation). A robust discussion of: (1) The Combined Bluetooth and GPS approach to Contact Tracing, (2) Leveraging Google’s and Apple’s upcoming Bluetooth API, (3) Using Privacy & Transparency to Build the Trust Required for Contact Tracing, and (4) Implementing Privacy-First Contact Tracing with the Safe Paths […]

Sat Sat 25

A discussion of the benefits, limitations, and privacy concerns with Bluetooth and GPS technology in contact tracing. Accordingly, this week’s Special Guest Discussion with Sam Zimmermann and Kyle Towle focuses on the technology behind Safe Paths. Dr. Ramesh Raskar leads the conversation on how COVID Safe Paths is able to solve this puzzle, addressing both […]

May 2020
Sat Sat 2

Dr. Ramesh Raskar demonstrates how digital contact tracing could both allow societies to reopen more safely and preserve the privacy of all undiagnosed participants. Followed by a panel discussion led by members of the global rollout team to address the implementation process.

Sat Sat 9

Dr. Ramesh Raskar reviews the Apple/Google Location Policy followed by a discussion with Ryan Naughton, Founder and Co-Executive Director of the Covid Alliance. Additionally, two new segments are introduced this week. First, Deepti Pahwa launches a segment called Community Forum to directly address PathCheck Foundation's 1200+ person network of volunteers. Second, Sienna Leis launches a […]

Sat Sat 23

An overview of the PathCheck platform as it exists today, what we're working on, and a deep dive into the upcoming Project Aurora and Health Authority Customizations. Professor Ramesh Raskar of the MIT Media Lab begins with a presentation. The panel will consist of: Ramesh Raskar, Safe Paths founder Sam Zimmermann, Safe Paths CTO Diarmid […]

June 2020
Sat Sat 6

Dr. Raskar (MIT Media Lab) and special guest Dr. Felten (Princeton University) discuss how technology can be used to alert people on the coronavirus outbreak and trace those who have been in close proximity to those infected. They analyze the differences between deploying and using manual versus digital solutions during the pandemic.

Fri Fri 12

An overview on how to promote continuous learning for K-12 students during a time of changes and challenges due to the pandemic. Moderated by Greg Nadeau, Dr. Deborah Posner (Executive Director Strategic Initiatives) and Dan Gohl (Chief Academic Officer for Broward County Public Schools, the 6th largest in the US) discuss re-opening options.

Sat Sat 13

A discussion led by Dr. Ramesh Raskar, featuring special guest Tomás Pueyo (author of a series of viral articles and white papers on the COVID-19 pandemic). An exploration of the hopes for digital contact tracing and the reality of what would need to happen for digital contact tracing to be effective.

Thu Thu 18

A discussion led by PathCheck Foundation Rollout leaders Khahlil Louisy and Sienna Leis as well as Dr. Clive Landis (Pro Vice-Chancellor for Undergraduate Studies at the University of the West Indies in Jamaica). Insight into how the Caribbean is looking at the pandemic response, re-opening, and planning for the near future

Sat Sat 27

An update beginning with insight into the PathCheck Foundation name. Followed by an explanation of PathCheck Foundation's three fundamental pillars of software, insights, and partnerships. There are currently two technological solutions that PathCheck is implementing to help with digital contact tracing and exposure notification: GAEN and GPS+. Demos will walk you through each of the […]

July 2020
Wed Wed 8

PathCheck Foundation Chairman Ramesh Raskar will present before the United States House of Representatives Committee on Financial Services Task Force on Artificial Intelligence will hold a virtual hearing entitled, "Exposure Notification and Contact Tracing: How AI Helps Localities Reopen Safely and Researchers Find a Cure." The single panel hearing will have the following witnesses: Ramesh […]

Thu Thu 23

As people around the world deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone everywhere is asking one simple question: when will it end? A key component to answering this all-important question stems from having a more complete understanding of how the disease spreads. This is where contact tracing can play a huge role. Just about everyone today […]