Universal Covid QR Verifier Products


PathCheck has two open source software products that reads Covid QR codes

A. PathCheck QR Check Covid QR Verifier App available in Apple and Google app stores
B. PathCheck Universal Covid QR Verifier SDK available in Github

We also offer a free Covid QR generator for popular Covid QR codes

A. QR Check app


  • Institutes that issue digital or paper credentials for Covid vaccinations use different QR codes for digital information verification (there is no universal QR standard) to build the next generation digital vaccination health record   
  • Currently Covid vaccination certificates (also called Covid passports, health passes, passes) in Israel, India, EU, California (US), Montreal (Canada) and other locations all use different QR codes.   Several organizations (VCI, Good Health Pass, etc.) have proposed global standards.

PathCheck is one of the few organizations that supporting offers two open source applications

PathCheck Covid QR Verifer Mobile App

  • Used by organizations (universities, companies, manufacturing plants, retailers, revenue etc.) who want to easily, quickly and confidently verify the authenticity of a Covid vaccination QR code to ensure a healthy work, school, or retail environment.
  • Download from Apple or Google store.  Github here
  • Features
    • State of CA (VCI standard)
    • India (via Divoc standard)
    • PathCheck Paper Credentials
    • European Union (EU) (coming)
    • Name or initials of holder
    • Date of vaccination
    • Reads and verifies authenticity of QR code
    • For each QR code read, returns “Pass” or “Fail” indicator
    • For each QR code, some basic information is displayed depending on QR version used.  Options include
  • Benefits
    • Cost effective way to scan Covid vaccination QR codes to ensure a safe physical environment
  • Cost
    • Free in in the app stores

 B. Universal Covid QR Verifier SDK 

  • Problem
    • Used by software developers (commercial product developers and custom develop development efforts) to embed or “OEM” the capability to ready Covid vaccination QR code from multiple sources.    Examples include comprehensive health or covid passport apps, employee or student badge entry verification software, verifier apps branded for a specific government agency, etc.
    • Development of a secure QR code requires technical experience in crypography, security, software development, QR codes and Covid QR standards.  Estimates range from $100K-$300K per QR code type to develop with 3-6 month development time.
  • Features
    • Works with leading Covid QR vaccination codes including 
      • State of CA (VCI)
      • India (via Divoc standard)
      • EU (coming)
    • Development languages
      • Javascript
  • Benefits
    • Quicker time to market, lower initial and to cost of development, and less distractions for software developers
  • Cost
    • Open source software is free
    • Fee based technical support from PathCheck if needed
  • Developers using UV SDK
    • AirEdge




Paper-first Vaccination Solutions

An equitable, efficient, open source and privacy preserving protocol by MIT.


Vaccination Cards


A simple, end-to-end journey:

    • Distribute Coupon
    • Schedule Visit
    • 2 Dose Reminders
      Check-in Patient
    • Print Proof of Vaccination
    • Report Health Status

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