Each jurisdiction has unique needs that are foundational to how they approach their roll-out of a digital public health solution to support their efforts in containing COVID-19. PathCheck Professional Services and their Alliance Partner Network are available to support your needs.


Professional Services

To assist the roll-out of our open source software, Google Apple Exposure Notification system, and supplement existing resources, PathCheck provides a range of pro-bono and paid services to support your planning efforts.


  • Pro-Bono quick start
  • Project management
  • Planning and program design
  • Implementation and launch services including integration assistance for APHL ENS Server, Marketing and Communications, UX design and analytics
  • App maintenance services
  • Server operation and maintenance services

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Alliance Partner Network

We can work with your specific technology solution provider or tap into our network of partners to help any jurisdiction get up and running with a COVID-19 solution quickly. In addition we are always looking to add partners to our network to help put an end to the pandemic. Learn more.