PathCheck Initiatives

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Exposure Notification Covid-19 App

PathCheck GAEN Mobile is the leading open source, exposure notification app used by jurisdictions around the world to help contain Covid-19. 


Institute for Technology & Global Health (ITGH)

ITGH is a hub for research, analysis, and policy. Its research explores new frontiers in the the socio-economic impact of public health tech. 


Program on Technology and Policy (PTP)

PTP is a dynamic global network of practitioners and researchers analyzing the privacy and policy implications of pandemic response.


Program on Vaccination

Our vaccination work is focused on addressing the last-mile delivery challenges using privacy-preserving, decentralized, mobile apps including the PathCheck Boost app for tracking Covid-19 vaccinations. 


Digital Pandemic Response Standards Working Group

The working group on DPR standards seeks to develop frameworks and tools to help decision makers create DPR programs and solutions.


SafePlaces GPS-Based Digital Contact Tracing

SafePlaces is an open source, location-based, end-to-end digital contact tracing system with a mobile app and tools for tracers.

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