Free Open Source Covid-19 App
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Committed to Open Source

PathCheck is deeply committed to open source. We work every day in our GitHub repository, so you can be confident that you’ll always have access to the latest code.

The PathCheck app is the most active open source project in exposure notification and digital pandemic response. Compare us to other projects to see our higher level of engagement.

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Vibrant Developer Community

The PathCheck mobile app project has more than 90 contributors. The active community is open to anyone on Slack. We provide extensive documentation and transparency through Jira and Confluence.


Robust Delivery

We’ve created a robust system for continuous integration, testing, and delivery. You can easily build your custom version of the app from a core repository. As a result, you get the latest updates while easily maintaining a custom configuration that meets your needs.


Getting Consumer Software Right

Open source projects are best known for software infrastructure. Consumer apps require more than developers making decisions.

Product, market research, and user experience professionals are key. The PathCheck team covers all of those capabilities. We work with governments and partners to design brilliant software that really works for users.

Take the Open Source Test

Before you commit to an open source project, make sure it’s strong and healthy. You can find all the information you need on GitHub:

We are here for you.