Ready to Launch in 10 Days


Easy to Configure. Fast to deploy.

Our open source exposure notification app is designed to be quickly configured and deployed. We can get you launch ready in 10 business days. Your full-featured app will work with EN Express on iOS. So there is no reason to wait.

If you need more functionality, you can add new features as need for your jurisdiction with our assistance or help from one of our amazing partners.

“We’ve worked hand in hand with PathCheck to develop the exposure notification and digital pandemic response app. It’s a powerful code base that is flexible, modular, and ready to adapt to the unique needs of each state and country quickly and easily.”

Ashley Streb • Principle and Co-Founder, Rocket Insights

Our Premium Solution Provider Network



We Can Work with Your Solution Providers

If you already have a mobile app development team that you trust, we can train and support them. With our support, they’ll be up to speed quickly and have access to all the expertise they need to customize and deploy a PathCheck solution. Take advantage of your trusted partners to deliver for you.

We are here for you.