People of PathCheck: Emma Mohammed

One word describes this volunteers experience at PathCheck: Architect

IMG-5264Not many people would use writer, computer science expert, and architect in one sentence to describe themselves. But that is not the case for Emma Mohammed who happens to be studying all three. 

A volunteer with the PathCheck Foundation for over a year, Mohammed has taken on many roles within the organization such as studying algorithms within the Karuna App, to writing and posting blogs for the Foundation. Mohammed beautifully blends writing, engineering, and current events to describe the happenings of the world - but then also applies concrete principles to solve problems. This is what has made her so successful at the PathCheck Foundation. 

Read on to learn more about rockstar Emma Mohammed!

Can you give us a little background about yourself?
My name is Emma Mohammed and I am in year twelve of school in the UAE. I am graduating in 2023 and beginning my application process for schools over the next year. I have a huge passion for writing and current events and look for ways that I can express my visions of the world and how I can contribute.  

How did you first learn about PathCheck?
Both of my parents work in health and work to bring more education and light to health so it has always been a part of my life. Even if someone does not wish to be a doctor, health surrounds us and is an important part of the human experience. I was actually researching on LinkedIn and saw a post asking for volunteers. I saw PathCheck as a way to combine my passion for writing, current events, computer science, and talking about current happenings going on around the world. Which just so happened to be COVID. 

What types of projects have you worked on at PathCheck?
I worked on the Karuna app which was very important during the second wave of the pandemic there. Crowdsourcing is critical for pandemic response because although users are a variable within the app, users need to be informed. The more users you have - the more accurate the information can be which increases predictions and responses that can be made by public health officials. 

I really enjoyed working on this because I want users to be able to combine their responsibilities with their public health rights. Crowdsourcing through apps like Karuna makes it possible. You can tie urban and rural regions together who otherwise would not speak and they can inform each other during survival situations. They can find areas with more supplies such as vaccines. So many people received vaccines through the Karuna app - which was great to see.  

I am also still working with Sadguru Manukonda, the Tech Lead on Karuna. We are further studying more algorithmic data models. So it is incredibly important as I still expand my skills by working with great people at PathCheck. 

Which schools do you hope to apply to for college? 
I am planning on attending architecture school and am applying to the London School of Architecture, Kings College, and the Royal College of Arts. I will most likely head to the UK - which I am extremely excited about! 

How did you become interested in architecture, writing, and computer science? How do they come together?
It was passive and progressive. It all started with the book The Fountain Head. My teacher suggested I read it when I expressed that I wanted to learn AutoCAD for design. I should mention that I also love philosophy so this book was right for me. My teacher mentioned that AutoCAD was just a tool, not the principle of design and architecture. The book talks about how architecture is more of an environment, and that what is beautiful is also necessary. Meaning if it's necessary, then it is also beautiful. 

As I am also into the news and current events and writing is a very strong skill of mine. And of course, I enjoy computer science - so when you think of all three coming together in one word - that word is, architect. 

What do you hope to achieve with your architect degree?
I would like to focus on Biomimicry - working on combining two sites into one urban space. For instance a vegetation space within an urban environment. 

I am currently working with my school to create an educational and observation site right on campus. It would combine a green space as well as introduce more nature. Such as including beehives. This allows for a person to be closer to nature, even though they may be in an urban environment. Having the ability to bring different worlds together creates a whole new experience. More things go together than I think people realize. 

How has volunteering with PathCheck helped your career aspirations?
It has confirmed it all for me. For instance, I am continuing to work with PathCheck, specifically, with Sadguru on how an average user can use Karuna to be aware of their surroundings. They can use an app such as Karuna to improve their quality of life - and also be aware of their health options. All can come together in one place. It only confirms for me that “architect” is not only how I want to define my career, but also my life.