PathCheck Partners in the Release AlohaSafe Contact Tracing App

In an effort between PathCheck, AlohaSafe, and the Hawaii State Department of Health, we are excited to announce the AlohaSafe Alert mobile contact tracing app. The app can be downloaded on both IOS and Android phones.

Source: Hawai'i Health Department Launches AlohaSafe Alert App to Reduce Spread of COVID-19 

The app uses Google/Apple’s Exposure Network (GAEN) and PathCheck’s open source application to efficiently contact trace individuals.

Exposure notification is uniquely capable of escalating the process of recognizing individuals that have been exposed to COVID-19 and motivating them to self-quarantine in effort to prevent the spread of the virus. With the quick, airborne spread of COVID-19 overwhelmed by most manual contact tracing teams, exposure notification is the best hope for getting ahead of the pace and scale of infection.

By using bluetooth technology, the app can alert other users if they have been in contact with a positive COVID case, and help reduce infection and spread. Since the launch of the app, COVID cases across Hawaii have gone down considerably, and the app is growing in usage with over 10,000 downloads on the Google Playstore. 

This launch represents a continuous fight against COVID 19, Hawaii joining states and countries like Louisiana, Minnesota, and Guam, in their use of digital contact tracing. 

As the pandemic drags on, contact tracing apps like AlohaSafe will be key strategies to reduce the spread of COVID-19, only to be accompanied by masks, social distancing, and quarantines, something that we urge governments to take advantage of. 

The app is also a testament of the thousands of volunteers at the PathCheck Foundation to develop the open source application. As this software begins to be implemented in numerous places globally, it demonstrates the hard work of our volunteers and the gracious support of our financial donors.

We hope that governments like Hawaii’s quickly implement these strategies, streamlining mobile contact tracing, and potentially saving the lives of those in your states. If you are interested in launching a mobile contact tracing app in your state, please contact us.

About the PathCheck Foundation
PathCheck Foundation, a generously funded 501(c)(3) non-profit spin-off from MIT, is developing decentralized pandemic response solutions using an open-source, open standard interoperable model. PathCheck is committed to sustained innovation in the middle of rapidly changing protocols, APIs, and epidemiological research in the pandemic response. Previously, PathCheck has delivered Google/Apple Exposure Notification-based full-featured apps in 5 US states/territories and multiple nations. The PathCheck Foundation has now developed a new privacy-preserving approach to vaccine rollout and distribution, utilizing a vaccination app and physical cards. Follow updates at