COVID Defense LA & PathCheck Launch New Contact Tracing App

In a collaborative effort with COVIDDefense and the Louisiana State Health Department, we were able to launch COVID Defense LA, a mobile contact tracing app that is changing how contact tracing is done in Louisiana.

You can download the app on both iOS and Android.



The application uses a backend software by Google and Apple called GAEN, modified by the PathCheck foundation, to trace exposure and notify those who have been in contact with those diagnosed with COVID-19.

GEAN uses bluetooth signals to transfer signals between multiple mobile phones in order to notify someone if a person that was close to them develops COVID symptoms, something that manual contact tracing teams have been struggling with.

Mobile contact tracing is beginning to be built over dozens of other places globally, and as production speeds up, this tool could become an integral and useful in reducing the spread of COVID-19. It is much like masks and social distancing.

Now, Louisiana joins States like Hawaii, Minnesota, and Guam, in their effort to reduce the infection rate by utilizing software developed by the PathCheck Foundation in the field of mobile contact tracing.

The launch symbolizes the hard work from thousands of volunteers, developers and financial donors, that worked tirelessly to develop this app, in order to keep the citizens of Louisiana safe. If you are interested in developing a contact tracing application in your state, please contact us.


About the PathCheck Foundation
PathCheck Foundation, a generously funded 501(c)(3) non-profit spin-off from MIT, is developing decentralized pandemic response solutions using an open-source, open standard interoperable model. PathCheck is committed to sustained innovation in the middle of rapidly changing protocols, APIs, and epidemiological research in the pandemic response. Previously, PathCheck has delivered Google/Apple Exposure Notification-based full-featured apps in 5 US states/territories and multiple nations. The PathCheck Foundation has now developed a new privacy-preserving approach to vaccine rollout and distribution, utilizing a vaccination app and physical cards. Follow updates at