PathCheck Alliance Partner Program

Together we can stop the spread of COVID-19 and reopen the economy.

The PathCheck Alliance Partner Program is a rapidly expanding global partner network of system integrators, technology partners and app developers working together to address the digital pandemic response needs of states and nations. The partner program provides technology, resources and expertise to deliver long-term benefits to global healthcare efforts using an open source platform built to protect user privacy. 

Pathcheck Foundation provides digital pandemic response solution framework that leverages the  Google Apple Exposure Notification technology. Our open source software can be customized to address local public health organizations’ requirements to deliver a privacy preserving application to fight global pandemic. Working together we can accelerate the revitalization of our economies and use technology to fortify the resilience of our communities.


How you can leverage your expertise to stop COVID-19 by partnering with PathCheck


Pathcheck provides free open source code to build a custom mobile smartphone app and access to our proven, Exposure Notification and verification servers to streamline testing and help jurisdictions get apps in the market quickly.

Having already tested our exposure notification apps in multiple states and countries worldwide, PathCheck has a proven solution to leverage or build additional functionality upon it. We also have a robust roadmap of additional functionality to leverage with your customers.

  • PathCheck was the first to launch an exposure notification app in the US in mid-March. 
  • PathCheck was first to propose a decentralized privacy-preserving scheme where healthy users never have to upload their information and the server cannot centralize data about the residents. 
  • PathCheck was the first to write a paper about the unintended consequences of such apps, ‘Apps Gone Rogue’. These design principles are referenced by the US CDC. 
  • PathCheck proposed national coordination of the apps during US Congressional Testimony. We have always said that we are here to collaborate and not compete. 
  • PathCheck is one of the largest non-profit open-source projects for Covid19 and is in the business of helping partners fight the spread of covid-19 through free, open source solutions.

"Working with PathCheck gives us access to innovative open source software and deep domain expertise to help our clients deliver public health programs for exposure notification and digital public health services."

Christopher Merdon, Division President, State Local and Education at NTT DATA Services

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Our technology partners bring expertise and resources to help PathCheck expand our open-source technology platform. Areas of collaboration include:

  • Test management and verifiable credentials
  • CRM systems and call center operations
  • Analytics, reporting, and other digital services 
  • Hosting


Our ecosystem partners forge relationships and deliver professional services that accelerate adoption of PathCheck’s leading digital health solutions. Areas of collaboration include:

  • Implementation and launch services
  • Server operation and maintenance
  • Planning and program design  

Solutions Providers

Our solutions provider partners include systems integrators and other complementary service providers that augment PathCheck’s infrastructure and capabilities. Key areas include:

  • App configuration & ongoing maintenance
  • Testing verification service strategy, integration and workflow
  • Project management

Learn how to get involved through our PathCheck Alliance onboarding program.